aglia festival solutions

Foundation to Prosperity Providing insight and accountability to your Festival

System Features

Customer Experience

  • • Faster transactions resulting in shorter peak-hour customer lines.
  • Enable hassle-free multiple payment methods without external credit card terminals.
  • • Promptly resolve customer price disputes via easy to read, on-screen detailed receipt
  • • Integrated survey form enables collecting customer information for future marketing
  • Online ordering featuring latest cart technology with credit card payment checkout.

Payment Options

  • • Integrated Credit Card transaction with card swipe eliminates all hassles and errors associated with external analog phone terminals.
  • Gift Card Integration enables pre-event cash generation and donations via unredeemed cards.
  • Work Vouchers for event volunteers.
  • • Unlimited number of coupons with time control

Accountability and Oversight

  • Provides cash reconciliation and cash error tracking.
  • • Register Dashboard provides real time view of all open registers.
  • Bank Deposit slips are automatically generated by batching register totals.
  • • Time required for the evening count process is significantly reduced.

Strategic Management

  • • Insightful sales report include hourly performance by items, sales by item, and sales by payment type.
  • • Event comparison report facilitates year over year performance and growth analysis.
  • • Transaction based system records and timestamps all activity into a central database.
  • • Kitchen Managers can better plan hourly food preparation utilizing historic sales reports as a reference.


  • Total systems solution – hardware and setup consultation is provided by Stidis Studios to eliminate upfront capital investment.
  • Volunteer friendly, quick cashier training for users with basic PC skills.
    Simple to use and quick to learn menu design tool.
  • • Enables festivals to manage Cash Boxes, Registers, and Online sales in a single system.

Return on Investment

  • • Quicker transactions and shorter food lines
  • • Increased accountability and festival governance
  • • Increased sales due to consumer convenience of credit cards
  • • Pre-event sales generation via Gift Cards. Increased profits from unused gift cards